Assembling the Matchbox Puzzle Box Pt. 1

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take on puzzle boxes. So, I found kits designed by Bruce Viney and bought a pre-cut one from Myer’s Crafts.

Since I have very little experience with puzzle bIMAG0044oxes, I figured assembling one might be a good way to learn how they are designed. As I’m moving from place to place right now, I also don’t have normal access to tools for wood cutting. This is another reason why this kit is a nifty way to learn about puzzle boxes. Not tools necessary! Well, almost…I didn’t realize how necessary sand paper would be.

To the left, you can see the puzzle box pieces after I dumped them on the table and the design instructions on my laptop.


What I like about the puzzle kits designed by Bruce Viney is how simple he makes them. These kits seem to be a low-barrier way for someone to enter the mechanical wooden puzzle world. On the right, you can see the wooden pieces layed out with the outlines that indicate how to glue them together.

IMAG0047I mentioned earlier how I didn’t realize how necessary sand paper would be. This is another reason I will have to wait until tomorrow to complete the box.

I tried attaching the sliding panels to no avail (not pictured here). They didn’t quite fit due to variance. Then, I decided with all of my wonderful wisdom to try to sand the pieces down with a plastic knife. Don’t try that one at home. You just end up being frustrated with the plastic knife….and yourself.

I’ve worked on the Matchbox for about an hour. I was able to glue the base together as well as the sliding panels. I am going to wait for the pieces to dry completely and continue to work on the puzzle box tomorrow.

[sorry about lack of photo quality]