Why Open Education Matters

Link: Why Open Education Matters

If I were a video producer of any degree, I would definitely want to participate in this contest. It is held to create a video explaining why Open Educational Resources are important for educations, students, and the community alike, specifically addressing the Creative Commons License. It’s even sponsored by the US Dept. of Education. Gotta love Arne Duncan!

Unfortunately, I have no experience in video production and am currently busy with my research project. BUT! I hope someone finds this interesting and goes for it :)

Honestly, I believe that educational tools should be shared. It benefits communities in more way than one. When an educator finds material that could be useful for their class, but the material is under copyright, it makes it difficult to use that material. However, if the material were under a Creative Commons License, the educator could possible redesign the material to specifically address the needs of the students. I find this to be one of the greatest assets to having a CCL, especially for educational purposes. More educational resources need to be developed with this frame of mind.

The work being done in Uruguay, with OLPC, with Sugar is all very telling of the promising future of educational material such as this.