So this is happening….

I‘m coordinating a 3-day event called OpenEd Jam (

One night I was incredibly bored. I decided to send a message to some of my friends to see if they’d like to meet up and talk about free software and hardware in education. Little did I know that the meeting would turn into something much bigger than sitting in a circle talking about education freedom with friends.

Somehow we managed to find a whiteboard that was completely covered in dry erase marker. I mean, the kind of dry erase marker that’s been sitting on a whiteboard for at least weeks, probably more than several months. Naturally, there was no other way to get the markings off the whiteboard without another dry erase marker and carefully going over the markings then quickly erasing them… This was somewhat effective, though time consuming. It ended up being smudged anyway. I wish I had a picture of the white board… I actually don’t think anyone has used it since then… Hmm….

Anyway, somehow I ended up writing ideas down for an event and everyone at the meet up was starting to contribute to this mess of a whiteboard. A free and open education meet up in San Antonio ended up becoming a 3-day international event. I suppose everything is bigger in Texas.