Getting into gear

Now that I am back to the States, I can now start getting into a routine. Though, I must admit that I have been having a little reverse culture shock. It’s definitely a strange feeling to be back in a sprawled out city of about 2 million people versus a city of about 9 million in Buenos Aires.

Either way….I haven’t had too much time to meddle with my Python adventure, but that will be changing soon. I’ll have more structured time this summer with having the internship in DC, so I’ll definitely be able to keep up with a couple hours of self-learning each day. I am excited to really get this process rolling, because I feel so behind. After realizing that I have lost out on almost ten years of learning, I feel extremely driven to learn as much as possible as soon as possible.

That being said, I have been reading a few articles on TechCrunch and ran across this article, Startup Act 2.0: Great For Foreign Graduate Students, But Not Foreign Tech¬†Entrepreneurs, it briefly discusses the new legislation in Congress. Here is the link to the text of the legislation if you’d like to check it out. I find the bill to fall short. Obviously, it will take a larger initiative than this to meet the demand for skills jobs in the next few decades. I suppose this is a start though. This summer I will actually be researching different STEM education initiatives, more generally entrepreneurial programs in regards to education, so I hope I’ll be able to develop a stronger sense of how to tackle this issue within the States. Time will tell.